Stop looking

Stop looking for meaning in life,
Go make it yourself with your blessed, tired hands
With the wrinkles on the edge of your smiling eyes
With your heart full of summers and winters and wine

Stop looking for solace in others,
You have what you need in your potted plants
The brown stray dog in the corner of the street
The sun that fills your skin with golden joy

Stop looking in the mirror with hate
Break the glass with the force of your smile
Your eyes are true only if you look in earnest,
A warm, kind heart will always see through smoke and mirrors

Stop looking for respect and importance
We are all silly actors and the world’s a second-rate comedy
So bring in the clowns and bask in the chaos
And laugh when the pie gets you on the face.

Stop looking up to teachers and teachings
Nobody knows what you need until you find it
Make your whole life a journey, an expedition
Go out and carve your own path in the jungle

Serotonin Addicted