Every day is a journey. Every time you wake up is the beginning. There are many things to do, smile, dance, love, search but make something. You are as brave and strong as you feel. Or maybe less, I don’t know. But not more.

You think that your life is like a prison, a boring routine. Change it. No time for excuses. You are the only judge of your life and you are the same time the only one that you hurt when you stay at a situation that drains your energy. Most times, when we see the void, we want to go as deep as we can and stay there. Maybe we can not even understand it. It is like a curse, a dirty game created by our programming. The more I notice everyone, the more I feel like we are fucking robots. Every time you are angry with somebody or a situation you are angry with yourself, that you were not able to react.

I like people who inspire me, who are not always talking about their boring jobs, their boring relationships and sports. I like people that are actors and not spectators neither extras. I like the unusual cases, people that branch off the average, notch their lines, think independently and this is so difficult. I like things that have a meaning. I don’t want just to spend my time. This is the beginning of death.

We are here to make dreams and change somewhat the world. You can be everyone you admire. It is more guts than talent. Most people that influence you are boring, useless, already dead. Breath strongly and scream: I will be the change I seek for you. And by this way motherfuckers I can be a thorn for you, that shows a different way.