Inebriated thoughts above my head,
a head that floats among the clouds unanchored,
my roots run deep, like precious metal veins
beneath the Earth, my mother and tormentor

I was not made to stand and rot, you see
my blood, a mountain stream, free from stagnation
By building homes and locking myself in
habit is my unmaking, my damnation

Life flows through time, unbidden, unrestricted
a current of lucid, conscious experience
just let me go, it sings to those who listen,
not clinging to possession or appearance

No teacher tells a truth gold and eternal
and words are tools that rust when really needed
the saints are naught but fools, liar the Buddha,
when teachings are not felt but only heeded

So, mark these words, and then forget about me
this poem is, after all, another play,
laugh with your beliefs, your thoughts, your life
and, wearing your best smile, go seize the day

Serotonin Addicted